My FRIT 7234 Learning Goals

GoalsThis is the first time that I’ve used a blog since I was in middle school, about twelve years ago! I’ve also never had a Twitter account, and have never been on the website, except when something was linked to the website. I’m only a few days into this class and already have gotten new information out of it!

I wasn’t sure exactly what this class entailed by the title – Information Fluency and Inquiry Learning – but by the description, it seemed as though we’d be using technology to facilitate student learning. I love using technology, and I love using technology in the classroom, so this class seemed like the perfect match for me!

I would love to learn how to use Twitter as an instructional tool in the classroom. Since I’ve set up my account, I’ve followed several education-related accounts and hope to learn how to use Twitter in the classroom. I also hope to learn different web 2.0 tools and how to use technology in the classroom in an every day setting. Sometimes I get stuck in a PowerPoint rut and will show PowerPoints with information for about a week straight before I break out of it. Ultimately, I’d like to take all the information this class offers me and be able to apply it in some way to a classroom setting.

I am very much looking forward to this class and everything that it has to offer!

My FRIT 7234 Learning Goals

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